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From Bethune Consulting LLC

At JakMet our mission is to democratize AI and LLM technologies. Everyone should be able to make use of generative AI tech without having to spend a single cent or give a single byte of data to a large tech conglomerate.

Empower your Business with LLMs

The next few years will see a shift in the business landscape creating a divide between AI “haves” and “have nots.” LLM technology gives businesses massive competitive advantages by accelerating sales and marketing pipelines, speeding up internal administrative work, and allowing businesses to offer their own paid LLM services to their end users. Whether you're a small language school wanting to sell custom AI tutors to students or a large financial firm looking to streamline documentation tasks, GPT technology can exponentially improve your bottom line.

Ultra-Fast Onboarding

Setting up a bespoke LLM service for your business is no easy task. The OpenAI GPT store (when not closed) locks you into their restricted shop, takes a big piece of your revenue, requires all end users to have paid plus OpenAI accounts, and accesses your data. Doing a custom service outside of the few big players requires paying consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars and taking on substantial risk if the LLM's don't function perfectly. With JakMet, you can avoid all of these issues with our lightning-fast self-service onboarding that gets you up and running securely in minutes.

Use Any Model

Vendor lock-in is a serious business risk. As cool as LLM apps are having a hard dependency on OpenAI GPT is dangerous. One sudden change to their API, pricing, or ToS and your entire business model could be up in smoke. With JakMet you can avoid this dependency. We allow for instant hotswapping to proprietary and open source alternatives such as Claude and Llama.

Free and Low-cost Options

Various LLMs have different usage costs generally tracked by 'tokens' that map to an amount of text characters used in prompts and outputs. With JakMet, we offer a wide range of pricing models to suit your business case including a totally free tier utilizing open source Llama LLM.

No OpenAI Account Needed

Managing OpenAI account limits and API restrictions is another big headache for creating an AI-powered app. With JakMet this problem is eliminated. We manage usage rates, billing, and limits automatically and give you the tools to control and track costs.

Free Consultation and Custom Integrations

Have an unusual use-case? Need to integrate with a more complex systems? Need to tack on a recommendation engine or run several LLM services in parallel? Whatever your unique challenge we are happy to meet it. Through JakMet and Bethune Consulting, we have at your disposal a seasoned team of generative AI experts.